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Our video home tours go where you viewers go. Tony’s video tours are among the highest quality video, capturing every feature of the home. There are two important questions you need to answer when selecting your home tour provider.

Where will my tour be posted?

Many tour providers will not give you the choice of where you can host your video tour, and they require you to host it on their website. If you own your website, then essentially you are giving away valuable search engine optimization. We can post your tours to your website as long as your website provider and hosting contract allows.

Will your video tour play the same on any device?

There are so many different devices that people have at their fingertips, it is essential that the video tour be flexible to function across these multiple devices. TDK Home Tour videos are built to play automatically on several different browsers and smartphones. We are using smart technology that discovers the device and plays the video that is best suited for that device.

Below is a list of the most commonly used devices that TDK Home Tour Videos support.

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